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Emerald Health and Independent Kannaway Representative  Dr Erin McCarty's Mission: 

"To provide quality pure and consistent CBD oil products and customer service."

Our commitment to you is important to us. Let us help you be the best version of yourself.  

Give your body the nutrition it needs to  heal itself and to live your best life possible.  

You are your own best advocate for your health. Educate yourself about CBDs. Click "FIND OUT MORE ABOUT CBDs" to see research.

Our Product Is...

*Triple lab tested for purity, consistency and quality assurance. (minimum of 3x's)

*Made from Mature Hemp Stalk/Seeds    

*Less than 0.3% THC and THC free products  

 *Organically Grown and Produced in Europe 

 *Legal in all 50 states on FEDERAL level 

 *Legal to buy, sell and use in all allowed states, without Rx prescription

*Legal in Mexico, parts of Europe, and South America w/Rx 

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Live WELL, Live HEALTHY, Live HEMP   


Let us help you reach your health goals. We provide clients pure CBD with no THC, recommended for 1st responders, military, medical and anyone that may be tested. 

1st Company to create HUMULUS, THE WORLD'S 1ST NON CANNABIS CBD for those that prefer to avoid any sort of cannabis

We provide a Pure (no THC) and a full spectrum line of CBD hemp products. 

A Beauty "Defined" line to meet your skincare needs. 

***Coconut carrier oil. Salve base - Almond oil 


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TRY HUMULUS, WORLD'S 1ST NON CANNABIS CBD for those who prefer to avoid cannabis product.

$50 coupon w/Brand Ambassador purchase** expires 12/15/18. Does not apply to BA fees or S&H.

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or to schedule an appointment to hear more about Kannaway Brand Ambassador or preferred customer discounts. 

Emerald Isle CBD

Located in Washington Sq Mall, 9585 SW Washington Sq Rd, Portland OR 97223 Cheesecake Factory Entrance

(303) 889-9238

Echoconnection.org and Kannaway.com/9596137

Dr Erin McCarty, D.C.